Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Thanks for those reports. New update coming up now, Alpha 29.12-4:

Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-4


  • [ACEO-11086] - Incorrect default state of construction validation bool causes strange scatter-like construction patterns
  • [ACEO-11088] - Missing content check on order queue length can cause contractors to stall when constructing


Happened for me too, people stalled in A29.12-0. It persistet after a reload, as it still happened just after update to A29.12-3. I was already thinking about sending a bug report, but then it solved after the second save & load procedure after the update. (did send all pax home via debug menu in 29.12-0, they started to move homewars after the first load of 29.12-3)

So, it looks to be gone now in my savegame. Is it still a good idea to send you the bug report, so you can check the data/game logs even if the bug is gone now?


If it doesn’t happen again, no, while bugs may in certain updates not be explicitly fixed we may still deploy updates that do solve them. However, the instance all people would stop in an airport, I’d definitely want you to report it immediately and not do a save and reload. :slight_smile:


Just did a construction of a fuel depot with 8 attached tanks for another thread here in the forum, the same error happend again. Sent a bug report a couple of minutes ago, though I didn’t note the bug report number as I was focused onto the other topic. I’ll edit it into this message, if I find it in the files of the savegame.

edit: Anyone can help locating the bug report numbers?

edit2: Did load the same savegame without doing these construction und played for several minutes, without people stop moving. What I could recognize before, all active constructors still moved to reach their construction site and doing their construction, while all other people (including idle constructors) stopped moving.


Works fine for me !

  • since the previous update the game is very smooth, even at high speed modes, that’s really cool


@Olof: Another question:

I’ve seen that public busses are able to overtake waiting busses at bus stops on public roads.
But service vehicles aren’t able to overtake waiting busses/service cars on service roads, which are part of a stand. There these service vehicles just turn around and try to find another way.

Is this a still missing feature or a bug which should be reported?


It looks like the bug is still present after I did bigger changes in my airport (maybe when there is more construction requests than available contractors)
ticket number : 11115


Looks like the save won’t package correctly, can you send it to me directly? E-mail mentioned above.

They should be printed in your local log after each report (output_log).

Depends, sometimes they might not be able to overtake, but if a fuel truck is waiting for an airside shuttle bus then they should be able to overtake.


I have a question…? Where this livery gone ??

I’d like to see it like Arrowair ? with small regional planes in fleet : CRJ200/737-600 is biggest

Can you bring it back please :roll_eyes:


Thank you very much, Olof.

First to say, I didn’t recognize there was already A29.12-4. My reports have been with A29.12-3. After the update, stalled people didn’t happen yet, after I did some expanding of my terminal. With the last version, this bug was caused earlier, so maybe .12-4 did fix it for me.

Second, using Win10 64bit, there’s no output_log, neither in my savegame folders (AppData), nor in the game directory itself (program files (x86)/…/Steam/…). I also can’t find it with the search function which is built into explorer.


Perhaps you could create a seperat log file for it, in a way it adds new numbers instead of ovverriding the old file. This could help for those who post in the forums, are asked for the aceo number, and don’t have it cause they started their game again.


I wonder about emergency exits. There are non drawn onto the aircraft itself, but there are these emergency arrows on the wings. Don’t know how A321 is build in real life, but these markings without visible exits look weird to me. :smiley:


Here’s an interesting acticle:


Thanks for your link and quote. So the doors are missing in the liveries and should be added, as these are “permanently and physically installed”.


They could have a door plug in it, disabling the exit. When doing this, i don’t think they’ll overspray the markings.


The simple answer is the Fredrik used the same wings as the A320 and A319 and just updated the body. I queried it as well.


Yeah, but I would think, you still would see the replacement element from the outside. But after reading the whole article, I’m not sure anymore, if any A321 gets delivered with these overwing exits, as they talk about moving the door behind the wings four frames further away for one specific configuration. Guess you can’t simply move a door four frames away, as it still need’s the physical opening but there isn’t a fifth door. Or do they really overpaint/-foil these removed exits so they aren’t visible anymore. shrug

So, I really can’t say … so I just can say, it still looks weird to see these exit markings on the wings, but no physical exit is drawn. :smiley:


Everything that I can find says that the original a321 was delivered with 2 sets of doors forward of the wings and 2 sets aft of them although the a321neo is now delivered with the door 2 just in front of the wing removed and a double over wing exit put in instead with a minor adjustment to the positioning of the 3rd set of doors just rear of the wings


I have a bug while on 12.4. Airport was running smoothly last time i played on 12.2
Airport staff are not manning boarding desks. I have lots of airport staff in staff rooms next to stands, but no boarding… bug reports 11130 and 11131


Never tried to let that sort of calamity into the system… I try to keep my planes all flowing the same direction though when I build my aircraft stands and runways.