Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Just a quick update for today, we’re currently running an internal test for Alpha 30 and will most likely deploy the last Alpha 29 version tomorrow on experimental before transitioning. Just wanted to keep you in the loop! :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed that I cannot recolor jetways with the paintbrush tool anymore.


Small ‘thingy’, when you use the demolish tool to delete existing items and you undo that again a contractor still comes in to give it ‘one hit’ with a hammer and then leaves again… Efficient :thinking: :joy:


But as it’s the CEO (rather than the NEO) of the A319/320/321 that is current represented in game, the exit configuration on the A321 in the game is correct, but there shouldn’t be any overwing marking.

Same with the A319 model - most A319s have a single pair of overwing exits, and therefore only need a single exit arrow on the wing in line with the exit. Some A319 operators (Easyjet, Eurowings), however, have an additional pair of overwing exits on their A319s as they operate them with more seats, so the evacuation regulations require them to have an additional pair of overwing exits.

As you mention in your post, there are different exit configurations possible on the A321NEO. Equally, there were different exit configuration options on the 757 - some airlines (see British Airways pic below) have the exit configuration currently implemented in the game (2 pairs of doors in front of the wing, 2 pairs of doors behind the wing), whilst another option was to have 2 pairs of doors in front of the wing, 2 pairs of overwing exits, then a single pair of doors at the back of the aircraft (see Icelandair pic below)

The 767-300 also had different exit configuration options. Then you have the fact that aircraft can come with different engine options, and the dimensions/appearance of these engines and cowlings are different, but where do you draw the line?

Ultimately, all the aircraft in the game are accurate depictions of aircraft that exist in real life, with the exception of a couple of subtleties that (probably) don’t impact people’s enjoyment of the game.


but ticket 11149
fuel trucks are blocked at tanks’ exit. Tanks are not refilled since they are blocked.


I’ve had this too, do bug report it.


Same problem on mine too


Seems like my voice concerning both A319 and A321 emergency exit markings was heard. Just look how fast they already fixed it. Really, they are the best devs we can wish for.


Good afternoon ya’ll (yeah, I’m saying ya’ll (if you catch this reference do let me know))!

This is probably the last update for Alpha 29! Alpha 29.12-5 is coming up on the experimental branch with fixes mainly for security checkpoints (we had some legacy code here that really started to express itself) and the mentioned vehicle problems relating to fuel trucks and other stuff.

Change log is below, tomorrow we’ll target getting Alpha 30 ready for an experimental state and whether we make it or not is something you’ll find out in tomorrow’s episode of the ACEO dev cycle!

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-5


  • [ACEO-10464] - Setting first object name on build adds two extra spaces
  • [ACEO-10550] - Airport lighting doesn't always turn on or off in time
  • [ACEO-10566] - Room secure zone status incorrectly determined due to missing calculation method
  • [ACEO-11040] - Double CEOs can have been serialized on older saves
  • [ACEO-11049] - Fuel trucks attempting to refuel at an unbuilt fuel depot do not continue to park action instead
  • [ACEO-11112] - Exit markings incorrect on A319 and A321
  • [ACEO-11128] - Incorrect distance checking variable can cause static queues to stall
  • [ACEO-11138] - Aviation fuel supply truck does not leave the airport after completing its delivery
  • [ACEO-11140] - Stand can loose connection to security checkpoint if wall is placed too close to boarding point.
  • [ACEO-11144] - Incorrect interaction point occupation checking method can cause security checkpoints to deadlock as unstaffed
  • [ACEO-11150] - Aircraft E170 and E190 startup wait is too long
  • [ACEO-11154] - Service round and fuel sets as green color in turnaround progress monitor if not requested


Well, you are the best players we could ever hope for with such swift and detailed feedback! Only deserves to be met with a prompt bug fix response! :wink:


@Olof As a native Texan, I approve of this use of y’all.


It’s look like boarding passengers will not enter a bus for transportation to the stand
i report it as bug.


I love that passengers/staff run, but they only do so once their flight/task is overdue, not really helping prevent it from becoming overdue, which is why I would run. Maybe they begin their run when that task enters the “yellow” color on the flight status display?


On the opposite, janitors and ramp agents run to much/to early.

I’ve seen my janitors always running, even if their job task is nearby. I think, their job task shouldn’t be that urgent as long as they aren’t in a shortage.

Similar could be done for service technicians (didn’t watch them, just assuming its the same procedure)

I also watched ramp agents run to a stand nearby, just after the aircraft landed and still needed to taxi. The ramp agends had to wait for a rather long time for the aircraft to arrive. I think ramp agents should walk while the aircraft is taxiing, and to start running only, if the aircraft is already at its stand.

Similar could be done for ramp agents, service cars and service car stops.


Just liked to tell: Found it.

I’m used to look in the AppData/Roaming directory for user specific game files, like AirportCEO’s savegames are located there too. But I just found out AirportCEO is also using the AppData/LocalLow directory, where the output log can be found.

Maybe this helps anyone else who’s looking at the wrong place. :smiley:


Long time player, first time poster.

Have essentially given up playing now, as in its current state the game just isn’t fun. Having simple airport designs break due to enormous bugs ruins the experience.

Have submitted 11195 & 11196 tonight - both related to remote stands.
11195 - passengers unable to re-enter terminal after disembarking shuttle bus (resolved by save & reload).
11196 - vehicles can’t overtake, which spoils simple route, and totally breaks remote stands.


I’m checking this one right now, can you recall what happened? We’re they standing completely still with noting happening or were they emitting speech bubbles actively? Looking from the screenshots it seems as if they did but I wanted to verify with you.


Hi devs,

I love the game a lot! I just can’t wait until the Multiple floor terminals can be build. Can you please give us an estimate when this will be available?
Keep up the good work!


This just caught my eye on trello:

What could it be :thinking:


A small jet maybe? like a Citation or a Learjet :thinking: i’m sure they need paved runway :joy: