Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Still :crossed_fingers: for a true commercial prop jet for a small stand (Beech 1900, Saab 340, etc) but cannot wait for this one!


Can Boeing 737 and CRJ winglet sprites be updated to look more up to date with the recent newer aircraft like the A320 family, 757 or E-Jets? The question here is if it actually is possible from a technical point of view.


I would suggest a better solution would be to actually have the A320neo etc. as there are other differences between the old and new versions of the planes etc.


Exactly, we even have all of the A320 family with sharklets, and the only visible difference between the CEO and NEO jets are the engines, so if the engine sprite is replaced we can easily have 3 new planes.


Sharklet/No sharklet A320family would be nice :smiley:


First step into private jets? :thinking:


Do bare in mind that Fredrik has done all if the work on the A3XX series and I’ve had no hand in them at all.


Anyways, thank you @Rubble Before you came in we had a few aircrafts and now A321/Q400/Embraers etc


With more in development too. Just working on the 787-8 right now in fact :slight_smile:


No! But we will supply you with an update in Monday’s dev blog! :slight_smile:


@Rubble Can you make E195?:smiley: I want make Air Dolomiti mod for ACEO :joy:


Adding the E175 and E195 are tucked away in there. It should not be mega amounts of work to get them in their stretch versions. My development pipeline allows for things like that with minimal work.


I was about to ask the same. Good it should take little amount of work to do it :slight_smile:


If you look at the Next GA Aircraft Vote you might find out. I think he dropped a hind there.

And no, i`m not speaking of the winner of the vote.


My taxilane on the left, is getting boxes delivered in the NorthEast, is that meant to happen?

Btw; most parcels are distributed very nicely!

When you connect a boarding desk, to a stand, it is implied that the stand is commercialy used, so, why then can we not connect a Baggage Caroussel to such a stand? I do not want to open the stand while my airport is still building up! Also; when closing a stand, the Baggage connection is maintained, so, a stand can have a baggage connect while being closed. :wink:


If I recall correctly, the packages/parcels/boxes don’t actually ‘contain’ anything. Or in another sense, they can contain anything. So you can eg. build a runway or a boarding desk from the same package. (I think it was in the first versions like this, not sure if it still is)


Good evening CEOs,

Unfortunately no Alpha 30 this evening, we had to push around a few things and decided do push it over until next week for a more proper release. Instead we’ll give you two new GA aircraft courtesy of @Rubble! :slight_smile:

… and of course a bunch of important fixes. This is the last update for this week but we’ll monitor its stability, if nothing critical turns up it may be transitioned over to the default branch during the weekend.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-6


  • [ACEO-11200] - Added two additional liveries to Beechcraft Baron 58

New Feature

  • [ACEO-11199] - Piper Cherokee added
  • [ACEO-11201] - Secret GA aircraft added (requires paved runway and stand)


  • [ACEO-10687] - Australia regions are incorrect in airport database
  • [ACEO-11120] - Contractors incorrectly claim path issue problem when not able to find construction material
  • [ACEO-11176] - Onboard persons text in vehicle panel displayed for irrelevant vehicles
  • [ACEO-11195] - Legacy arriving passenger behavior can cause stalling when attempting to leave a secure zone
  • [ACEO-11196] - Service vehicle overtaking system does not function properly


new GA aircraft is very good to receive new aircraft


I notice that I cannot view the Gameplay Settings screen from the opening menu. It just acts like a frame of a window opens on top of the opening menu. Luckily, the close button appears with it.


Also, for the secret GA aircraft, is there a runway minimum length that we need? Or will is work with the original build size?