Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 3)


It is up! What are people’s views? I think it looks pretty promising :+1: Can’t wait for release now, hopefully it will be soon.


Almost gave me a heart attack!


Cred from being much faster than us, we will give you the honour! :slight_smile:


Unexpected, amazing


I received a notification on YouTube, then one on Twitter! It was so unexpected, I will watch it when I get home


Wow I love how u can pick ur exact spot like that in the map impressive :heart_eyes:


My body is more than ready for this game. Wow it looks AWESOME!


Great work guys! Great news release is coming closer!


“Finally,my precious video has come.
My precious ri-video is MINE!” -Definetly not Golumn.Lord of them planes


ohhhhhhhhhhhh, i was waiting for this…


Looks amazing guys! I can speak for the community to say we are proud of your progress and can’t wait for release, we all wish you great success.

I have a few thoughts.

Can you get the popup info that accompanies plane or passangers to be static instead of moving with said object? It makes it difficult to read.

In the baggage claim area, where do the bags go if a passanger wasnt there right away to get the bag? Does it circle back around somewhere?

Is there plans to scale the baggage trucks better so that they don’t bring 6 cars when 3 will do?

Will fuel trucks park end first towards the plane instead of pointing face first to the plane?

If you select North America will the runway designation use a single digit instead of 09, and if you have 2 or 3 runways will it be 9L, 9C, 9R for instance?

Have you tried to make multiple taxiways so that arrivals and departures can both be moving or is there still some ATC work to code for that to work well?


I can’t take this anymore just fix the bugs, finish polishing and sell it to us. I don’t care if I won the game by design contect I will pay the price anyway…

Just give us the game.


I just watched it and it really really good ! thanks to the Developers.


Thought it was a joke post at first. Lol I’ll watch it as soon as I’m back on my wi-fi. Release Tuesday? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks incredible!!

Congratulations to the the devs. You should be extremely proud of what you have designed and created.


AMAZING!! Can’t wait to throw my money at you! :grinning:
Great progress on the sounds! The sound of that PT6 spooling down is just perfect!


INCREDIBLE!! Insane how it looks. I’m getting so exciting of seeing this gameplay video. Give me the BLOODY game, I just can’t wait!! :slight_smile:
Shout out to the DEVS!!


I really like the transition they have in the main menu. Like when you hover over “Continue Airport”. The gameplay looks pretty solid. I’m so excited what will come once the game is released. Keep up the good work guys :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


It looked like the baggage disappears when the owner leaves (or I didn’t see the owner taking the baggage)


Amaing job guys, we are really almost there now.

The only thing that bothers me from what I’ve saw in the video is the time it took to service the BAe 146. I mean, it took two hours to unload the baggage, and the boarding another hour and a half.

Other than that, maybe adding some lights to the outside would be cool, and some animations can be improved, but by no means are any of those things important enought to lose time on them now.

Keep up the good work! I can already see this in Steam.