Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 3)


Great video, a lovely surprise and the level of detail is fantastic. Other posters have flagged some small points that could be addressed - static info panels and collision detection being two.

With regards to the air strada turnaround - was this issue a lack of ramp agents. Would more ramp agents have alleviated the slow baggage process?


Thanks for all the comments everyone! Really just a great boost to see such nice comments and valid criticism! :slight_smile: :heart:

Yes, that’s one of the more difficult aspects of the game. We are simulating the entire service round in more or less real time in a world that moves a lot quicker (one in game minute is three real world seconds). We continuously try and tweak the game time but large timespans in general is something that we’ll have to live with for now.

Yes, that was sort of a “logical bug” that occurred. The passengers only wait a certain amount of time to claim their baggage and in this particular play through it happened to be that the timer kicked in exactly when they went to get their bags. It will be fixed by the passengers ignoring that timer if the bag arrival has been announced at a claim area.

I think that’s a pretty good example as well in regards to all of the different variables and interdependencies affecting each other. That’s where we really need players help to tune and tweak all the systems and their thresholds.

Yes, light poles outside is an item that will be added before launch!

It will be implemented! Not sure if we’ll make it a contingency though, but if there are ramp agents on site before the aircrafts arrive we’ll add a ramp agent guidance stick animation.

I’ll divert this to @Fredrik.

I’ll divert this to @Fredrik.

The idea is that you’d unlock such a feature be hiring an executive like a COO or something. Executives have not at all been implemented yet but we think of those as enablers which could handle that aspect. For now you’ll have to plan all your flights yourself, though.

Yeah, the contracts could definitely come with certain prerequisites. What do you think @Fredrik?

And that’ll most likely continue to bug you. We have removed all physics from the game to enhance performance and that means that we have to develop a pretty sophisticated avoidance system to avoid those kinds of events. It will most likely not be implemented by the initial release.

Yep, needs tweaking, I think we mentioned that in the video, ramp agents will get smarter, the positioning of the baggage cart will get better and when we add a belt loader the process will also be quicker.

Fight calculations in regards to route length and fuel consumption is not yet calculated.

It’s currently automated and balanced by least occupied, i.e. the least occupied cargo bay gets the offload job and the least occupied baggage claim area gets assigned that flight. We have been thinking of implementing a system where you instead assign a certain stand a certain cargo bay, check in desk and etcetera to enable some more in-depth planning but to assign stuff per flight will be too difficult and messy to deal with as a player, we believe.

What do you mean? The actual size of the passenger objects or the number of passengers for each flight? The size ratio is not something that we’ll change, it has been carefully determined by looking at a multitude of different factors such as performance, ease of game design and more. The current size ratio is what we believe adds the most realism while also allows us to easily develop and implement new stuff. In general, the aircrafts should be about 30 percent bigger but that creates immensely bigger objects when looking at really large aircrafts and that will ultimately punish your CPU. Right now its not unrealistic but also not 100 percent realistic.

Yes, there is! Passengers own certain pieces of luggage and that is all simulate. They do not simply grab a random bag of the belt and you can see who the owner is by viewing the baggage tag.

@Fredrik will answer this!

Looks like several people want this, we should probably include some feature that makes panels static but still properly highlights the relevant clicked object.

It was more just an untweaked simulation process. Technically, yes, more ramp agents would help, but the number of ramp agents that come to a stand is dependent on the size of the aircraft. We will make sure that baggage handlers can pick up more than one bag and that the baggage carts park a lot closer. Also, a baggage loader truck would definitely help.


Negotiate the contracts seems not be possible right now?


I think that the airline contacts should be rolling rather than having to be renewed on a frequent basis


I wrote a comment on the video. But i will write it here also :slight_smile:
First: I love AirportCeo :). I notices some (strange) things and i want you to know it:
-Planes which take off aren’t on the centerline.
-Bagage boarding, The workers pick bagage from an empty car and from the car which is still loaded, there dissapears bagage.
-On the most airports the door between outside and the bagage hall (most airport has that door between the arrival/departure place and the bagage hall) only opens when you want to go from the bagage hall to outside.
-Flight numbers when planning the flight are incorrect, all flight incoming have to be odd and the departure flights have to be even.
-Passenger seats assignment. I saw all the passengers has class A seat 1A… That will be busy :slight_smile:
-Services truck drives through the fuel truck, planes taxi through planes and passengers walk through passengers (while boarding)
Maybe some ideas:
-What about a tow-truck? that would be awesome
-(it isn’t a realistic idea, but for example: the airport doesn’t decide when the planes arrive and depart, that does the airline… )So my idea: what about an option to decide that the plane has a stand or a gate. For example: a budget airline at an stand while it is an 737…
-How about busses which bring the passengers from the boarding place to the stand. This would be nice when you place stands away from the terminal.
-Maybe a marshaller… or an automatic docking system.
After all: I love airportceo and what you are doing is amazing! It are just some small point to improve :slight_smile:
Keep on the greet work,
Greets Julius


Most of these are already planned, but i am wondering about flight numbers. They dont change mid air so you can have arriving and departing flights with odd or even. Maybe hubs operate this way with flights to and from non hubs, but hub to hub again how could this work?


You can read here more about flight numbers


Like Thorozar said, the odd/even flight numbers for departing/arriving flights isn’t possible for all airports because flight numbers don’t change in midair. It could work for hub to regional airports but not hub-to-hub. Some airlines have their eastbound and northbound flights even numbers, while the westbound and southbound flights are odd numbers.

On a related note, mainline flights are typically low numbers, for example United Airlines mainline flight numbers are from 1-2049. Their regional affiliate airlines are 3400 and up.


Will you be able to have more than one baggage area connected to one baggage bay?


I spotted a button that says “freight”!
Does this mean, you’ll be able to at least partly load freight on the pax flights?

Besides, the gameplay looks damn sweet! Curious though on how big you can get in terms of flight operations and passangers before you hit the hardware wall…


Will you be able to take the place of a real world airport? I’d like to take the place of my local airport (OMA) but I’m wondering if the game would know to take it off the list of available flight arrival or departure sites or if I’d get an error for taking the call letters…


It will remove flights from the real airport if you put yours in the same place so you can create a real life airport - was confirmed in a response on the forum


Hey I’m from Lincoln, was just thinking if i would build Lincoln first or start with Eppley. Think i will also do Omaha first.


love it…

Agree with poster above though, perhaps weight the more common and bigger airports but then give government bonus cash for accepting a contract to more obscure areas.

I think the size of the people and things is fine, you have to get the balance between realism and playability. Making people tiny for the sake of it would be a step too far.


@Fredrik I had a question in relation to the very slow loading of the Air Strada flight. Could it be because of the time factor? The animation and sprite speeds look prefectly timed, but maybe the clock is too fast. Could adjusting the time scale fix the delay? Say instead of 3 seconds per minute maybe 4 seconds or 5 seconds per minute? Just a thought. I’m not convinced it was all due to baggage delay, while that did factor in certainly. It took over an hour to debaord people and another at least to load them. IRL the gate agents get people boarded several per minute, maybe 6-8. In game it was probably a minute or more per passenger.



I mean the actual size of the passenger/passenger objects yes! In the meantime, I already had a talk about this with Frederik on Discord, so don’t worry! :smiley:

Something else, why is the version number in the main menu V49.2.5 and in the game itself V53.1.2? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s especially odd considering we haven’t even entered alpha stage yet so theoretically there couldn’t even be a V1.0


That’s why it says ‘pre-alpha’, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


The menu and game world are two different setups (scenes) using different some code. We realized after recording that the menu was not updated to the correct version. Nothing more serious than that. :slight_smile:


Yes and no. We can simply say that the turnaround time is 5 “gameplay” hours instead. We could change the time but that creates much longer days so everything must really be balanced and this is were we have to do more testing as you can understand. I also noticed that the delay for each passenger might be too long. So it requires more tweaking and testing.