Arrival and departure separation through doors

Dev blog 145 has mentioned the implementation of departure and arrival separation by having jetway entrances be 4 tiles wide. As seen here:

(Photo from Dev blog 145 :arrow_up: )

Personally, I do not think this is an optimal solution, as it requires placing a wall in the middle of the jetway, forcing asymmetry, and lots of escalators… It is clearly not how most people prefer to have their airports built, and would deter players from utilizing this option.
In dev blog 135 one way doors were mentioned as a feature of A35.
My suggestion is, that instead of having 4 tiles wide jetways, we could have a special type of door that lets through only arriving or departing passengers. it could have a runway exit like UI panel, with two sliders, one for direction and another a taxiway like UI panel for arriving passengers, departing passengers, or staff only (the doors should probably let staff pass through both ways regardless as they’re not arriving, nor departing).
This would enable more creative airport designs and be more user friendly.

Possible use case:
Have a hallway lining the gateside wall of the terminal. It would let departing passengers from the gate out along the wall, and would have arriving passengers crossing it from the boarding desk towards their gate.The hallway would be lined with those doors at openings preventing arriving passengers from using it to get to their gate, or departing passengers from entering the waiting hall.

Please write comments or criticism of my bold (?) idea here. Thanks,

The developers explained why this is not feasible in a thread discussion this. The path-finder looks only in one direction. So lets say you have a one-way door intended for arriving passengers only. On the other side there is a washroom. A departing pax has arrived at the gate (for example) has a need for a washroom. The path-finders sees the washroom on the other side of the one-way door, and sends the pax there. After completing the washroom, the path-finder then attempts to find a path back to the gate seating. As it cannot see a path back through the one-way door, either it would fail, or would send the pax out through the security exit and then back through security.

The only way I could see it working is if the arriving pax had a different tag than departing pax. Then establish a zone overlay for arriving pax. This would be similar to how staff can use doors that general public cannot.

Anyway, I like the solution presented as it provides some separation. We can use zoning instead of walls (eg zone the middle for staff only, or dezone completely, or even place an object like a planter).

This was discussed in the Dev Blog 145 thread, might want to check it out too.

I think what MKH1020 originally thought of was not explained correctly:

The plan is not to have a one-way door, but to have doors that allow either departing or arriving passengers to pass in both ways, while for the others acting as a “wall”. That way, they wouldn’t have pathfinding issues and you could just place a little box with separate doors in front of the gate and everything would sort out fine because everyone has only one door to choose.


I think apart from the fact that the new Jet bridge should obviously have an odd width (symmetry for a wall in the middle, pleeease), I think the solution they came up with works just as fine. Therefore as much as I like the idea, I don’t think they will consider this necessary to add.

I guess we’ll just have to force all arriving passengers into an elevator for now… Hopefully narrow escalators will be implemented (for realism).

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I do not think we will get narrow escalators, honestly. While yes, you often see those, in the end they act the same way as a one-way-door, possibly trapping passengers and causing serious trouble at pathfinding. We will be given the tools to separate departures from arrivals, but anything that goes one-way just isn’t gonna happen I am afraid.


@DavidMarlor, Where did they mention this? a simple search for “one way doors” doesn’t bring up anything, seems like @Olof avoids this topic…

@MKH1020 you can check one way doors discussions on this topic and its replies;

Olof is not avoiding topic, he clearly states that having one way doors will bring more trouble to game play, game xperience and game engine rather than benefit. So that’s why they choose this idea.


I see, well… abandon the one way doors, then. As mentioned, there’s still the case for arrival and departure only, And well as narrow escalators… The 4 tile wide jetway is, frankly, ugly. I think it (and 3, and 5 tile wide jetway entrances) should be offered as an upgrade, if they’re unavoidable.

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This is the text mentioned by @DavidMarlor, if you need it.

By the way, how do I make strikethrough text?

The 4 tile wide jetway is, frankly, ugly. I think it (and 3, and 5 tile wide jetway entrances) should be offered as an upgrade, if they’re unavoidable.

That was discussed before and believe me I was also supporting 3 or 5 wide jetway entrances (with using 1 tile for separation as doesn’t hurt my OCD). BUT then someone realized and told me that; every terminal foundation is 4 x 4. If it is 5, you cannot fit it on 4X4 foundation in necessary cases, if it is 3, then you again get OCD by trying to fit something with 3 tile to 4 tile structure.

However this; can be aded maybe?

So that which 4 of tiles will be used for arrival and departure can be seen. The players will decide to choose one of them to build the separator. I would go and choose 1 of arrival tile. Maybe some player choose opposite.


Or have a single row of the queue line separators go in between? :wink: I don’t think it’s possible with how I suppose the game works with saving what is in every square and not what is in between, but it would be a quite elegant solution having a barrier with essentially zero width

Alternatively, and I believe I already saw someone mention this, you could extend the jetway into the terminal and split from the sides. This person also mentioned that it was hard to explain and should probably be illustrated, so here you have my poor illustrator skills:

Here there are no symmetry issues but it does enter the terminal a bit

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How about back to back window so it limits the entrance to just one block each with a two block divider. Seen lots of glass partitions in real life.

There are nice ideas but be advised that the solution has to be applicable to old save games.

How about back to back window so it limits the entrance to just one block each with a two block divider. Seen lots of glass partitions in real life.

That’s another way to use

something like that?

As double version it’s a bit ugly

If you rotate them do they put the glass side by side?

To be honest I have not played in ages as don’t want to start a new airport until the new update

Like this:

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Here’s a visualization of the original hallway idea:

:arrow_up: Originally made by @PCR13 for dev blog 144.

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