Aviation Roleplay 2.0


Envision would like to inquire regarding the status of their newly suggested CV-10-1 aircraft.

At this time, the plan is for 10 aircraft to have been ordered.


Um, I think our financial statements aren’t that good, but we would like Fokker F130NGs arrived with old good rolls Royce engines like on original F100.


Very are sorry, but F130NG is not avaible with the old RR Tay engines. As we have said before, you can downsize your order, if you feel like you do not have enough funds. Those engines are too outdated and the certification of such modification would not be worth it.


StarJet Airways would like to cover 25% of Swiftline order.


Envision would like to offer to cover another 25% of the Swiftline order.

(A letter enclosed)
To whom it may concern,

While we’re all in the aviation industry, we’re all a team. We may each have different brands and styles, but we all have the same purpose. We all work together to get our passengers to and from their destinations in a safe and on time manner.

Enjoy the new fleet!


Uhhh, maybe -1?


After reconsideration, we decided that we scale back our order to 12 Fokker 130NGs from 15 F130NG with the remaining 3, as our management said, ‘be send to Swiftline as a symbol of friendship’. Note we still pay for the full 15 aircrafts order.

Also, we’ll purchase 10% ownership of Swiftline if the management of said airline agrees. If they do, StarJet Airways will inject $500,000,000 into their capital.


Deliveries to Yantar Express:
Sukhoi SuperJet 100-95LR (RA-79092)
Boeing 737-800 (VQ-BBC)
Airbus A321NEO (RA-60001)

Order book:
Sukhoi Superjet 100-95LR x2 (new)
Boeing 737-800 x2 (S)
Airbus A321NEO x9
Airbus A350-800 x4



If anyone would be interested, our terrible art team (me) has provided some drawings of our plane, so airlines can showcase their liveries.


Haha, I meant just the first CV10 in general :laughing:

Your MOU for CV20-1s has been converted to a firm order for CV10-1s, and we are pleased to say that the first, N001EV, has been dispatched to its home base from MME, via KEF. The seating arrangement as chosen by your airline has not been released yet.

Your 2 CV20-2s have been dispatched also, PH-DXA and PH-DXB. As has your first CV10-1, PH-DXC, and your first CV10-2, PH-DXR.


One of StarJet Airways F130NG landing at Amsterdam

The interior of StarJet Fokker 130NGs

One of 15 different meals avaible during our flight


Dutchways opens routes to:
Palma de Mallorca


Swiftline > StarJet Airways may we codeshare ? :smiley: And share miles cards?

Miles & Happiness


You have my hopes up, I mentioned a CV 10 before you actually announced it, LOL!


Yantar Express announced the expansion of the geography of flights
From Moscow Domodedovo to:
Istanbul (x2 flight a day)
Heraklion (x1 flight a day) (tour)
Antalya (x1 flight a day) (tour)
Barcelona (x2 flight a day)


Attention all, I am looking for GAA applicants! Please PM me if interested


Envision’s first CV-10-1 landed at home today in HSV.smartlynxairbus-a320-214-yl-lcu-in-an-all-white-color-scheme-landing-j4mj9k


StarJet Airways management decided that we will decline Swiftline’s proposal for codesharing agreement, since our planned future expansion currently doesn’t include eastern european destination.

We’ll wait further news about the proposed 10% acquisition of Swiftline stock and Dutchways’ proposed codesharing agreement (may even include an alliance).


Swiftline files for insolvency, after launching first flight from Lyon to Lviv, and Alicante, we started struggling due to higher capacity planes of other airlines that operate on route Lviv > Alicante. We decided that we cancel all operations for some time. - Your Swiftline CEO.


We decide to cancel all A350-900s orders.