Dev Blog 126: Alpha 30 and The Soundtrack Update released, the development ahead and multiple floor progress


Another dev blog delivered on time for once! Looks like we’re finding the old groove…

Internal testers with time available - prepare for the weekend! :open_mouth:



On a side note, this is what the whiteboard says:

  • Alpha 31: Localization (German, French, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese), UI text component resizing, UI performance
  • Alpha 32: Multiple floors, copy/paste tool, multi-select, one way doors/paths, actual functioning node weights for conveyor belts
  • Alpha 33: Catering, cleaning, deicing, contract negotiations, one way roads, remote stand ramp agent hubs

PS devs, maybe you can let me know if you need a Simplified Chinese translator? :slight_smile:




Another awesome devblog by ACEO developers :slight_smile:


Thanks for the very nice devblog guys!! A picture says more than thousand words :+1: Looking forward to all the new features!


I cannot wait to build a Atlanta Hartsfield-like terminal and welcome the first large aircraft at my airport, exciting times ahead.


i am prepared :slight_smile:


The new interactive tutorial was not mentioned, how is the development going? I would also like to know how many new stuff (runways, stands,…) is going to be implemented with large aircraft? It would also be nice to have that A321 mod kit.


Do you guys also consider to implement double jetways for large aircraft in the future?


Looking forward to it!


That’s has kinda been hinted by @Jettuh over on the Discord server a while ago.


I was hoping that large aircraft comes first at least before catering, de icing and cleaning.


Seems there’s a little more development work required and factored in. Development work continues on them though.


Large aircraft will definitely need cleaning and de-icing, hence why they come first.

It’s been deployed with Alpha 30 and is available on teh default branch. :slight_smile:


All aircraft needs cleaning (maybe not with GA) and definitely de-icing. So if we still don’t have that now, we could also have large aircraft before that services.

I think before you implement de-icing you might want to look to makes the weather more relevant to the whole simulation because de-icing relates to weather and not just a service. In airports on hot region they don’t have de-icing services since it is not needed on the current climate.


It can be altered. Maybe some small planes will need all services but meanwhile some big planes will need some services. Currently all aircrafts need all services but this seems unrealistic.


From a code perspective it’s in our opinions as devs better to have those services in before, because when large aircraft gets implemented it will be great to balance the turnaround services to medium sizes aircraft in the game’s complete turnaround stage. In short, we’d rather keep to implementing stuff by filling in the missing holes first rather than putting new stuff in ontop of qm incomplete simulation process! :slight_smile:

Yes, I fully agree, which is why that’s been mentioned in the dev blog via the planning om the white board, overhauled weaher simulation is a prerequisite to de-icing being implemented and a part of that update.


All aircraft need cleaning at some point but not all airlines clean their aircraft during a turnaround. I know for a fact that Ryanair does not clean their aircraft during the day, but only during nightstops.


Thanks… I appreciate all the works. I bought your product the first day it came out of on steam. I hope the development speed can increase more. It’s been 2 years and I don’t play it everyday anymore coz there is only so much to do now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to dish-out your work but for me the soundtrack I couldn’t care less… Been playing it with mute until now.

Looking forward to the next big update.


Seriously!? I never flew ryanair but that is rather bad. Up until now wherever I flew LCC on all parts of the world (not all continents) they do cleaning during turn over.

It’s rather disgusting not to do any kind of cleaning during turnover.