Dev Blog 149: Experimental testing of Alpha 35, new airlines and the studio tour!

The dev blog is back from the dead with its 149th edition! Read all about it here…


Excellent Dev Blog. As always, stay safe @Olof, @Fredrik and @Alexander. Love the new aircraft by the way


Very nice! The only thing I would like to see is a new type of stand for planes like the Saab 340.

Cool blog!

I dare you to… Put up a custom Poster With Floor 0 Of The Winner Of A Contest’s Airport.

is it SAAB A340B & FOKKER 70?


Very nice Dev blog as always! Also, does this office space of yours, (I wouldn’t call it office space, more like 5 star hotel) follow proper social distancing requirements? I couldn’t tell besides the fact that everything you guys do here is amazing! :slight_smile:

Beautiful DevblogS guys, I am really happy about you :blush:

The next step will be an update to the contract and rating system where the plan is to remove “flight rating”, where each flight pays a different amount, and instead have some form of negotiation system where airlines will contract to fixed prices.

I want to ask something that does that change the way of airlines offering flights? I mean would be there possibility that an airline will request some demands from airport? Such as;

Requirements for Airline A for Flight 101;

  • Must be an international stand
  • Must be a jetway stand
  • Must be in between 8 AM and 12 AM for every 6 days
  • Must have 3 hours of ground time maximum

Think it’s a Saab 340 and Fokker 70 @twocflyer

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Awesome! Lot of mods to update, waiting here for all the new MDKs :pleading_face:


It’s too cute in your studio =)


Yes, nice little studio. Very green.
Are you doing video chat with eachother? Because you don’t see eachother because of those many monitors. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice devblog, can anybody tell me why on the Fokker the arrow go towards the rear engines?

Ask the engineers.

I guess the slide can’t be in the front.


Ah, one of the reference images I’m using. :heart:


I assume then the emergency producers they have to make sure the engines have no fuel and cannot restart or anything.

Evacuation is never initiated before the engines have been shut down and fuel flow has been cut off, no matter if engines are wing mounted or rear mounted. Otherwise the crew will block the overwing exits. This is the evacuation checklist for my aircraft.


There isn’t a slide on the wing of a Fokker:
“The overwing escape hatches are located centrally over the wing. During an emergency evacuation, passengers are expected to climb out of the cabin and move aft along the wing root and slide to the ground down the fully extended flaps. A wing trailing edge slide is not fitted.”

I guess aft is preferable as the aircraft is likely to be nose high on the ground, so the drop from the back of the wing is shorter than the front:


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I hope devs will take in count that Fokkers 70/100 take off with flaps 0°


Since most narrow body aircraft are not very high off the ground, you are able to sit on the wing and slide down the trailing edge. Depending on the aircraft, you may set the flaps to a specific setting as part of the evacuation checklist to make it easier to slide off the wing. The CRJ-200 directs passengers to slide off the leading edge of the wing (wing has no leading edge device and sits lower to the ground) while the CRJ-700 and larger direct passengers off the trailing edge of the wing as an example.