DevLog 112: Steam Summer Sale Post-Mortem, New Feature Development & Summer Mode


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… :night_with_stars:

New update

i cant wait


Pretty excited, especially for the remote stand! :slight_smile:


Beautiful :heart_eyes:

And there is a tiny detail others may not notice but it is very essential for me:

Does that mean we will get rid of 10x5 boarding desks and have 3x4 desks like how it wa on early stages of game? :heart_eyes:


I have severe disagreements with the size and lack of overlappingness of some of the items in the game. The boarding desk is one example that is just far, far too much empty space and it looks like the runway exit, especially the high speed ones could become the same such objects.

Surely a better system would be an intelligent multi-block style solution whereby the game scans for similar looking blocks near each other (such as taxiway blocks) and visually smooths out the corners and the taxiway lines whilst maintaining the base game underneath.

I don’t know how this fits into the whole making it simpler for users experience but I’m all for individuals being able to work it out in their own way. As long as clear instructions are given on the purpose of the device and the tutorial is easy to find. (ie don’t grey it out if you haven’t completed former items, make it readable)


Seems one of my features requests made it. Woot :hugs:


Liking all of this so far. I do hope that the tech used for Remote Stands can be translated over to help make GA more interesting. Have GA do more than land, refuel, then fly away. Add the disembarking and embarking of passengers and need for a small building/terminal as an interim tier between early/current GA and small commercial.

Thanks for what you do and enjoy your summer!


Why is the scale still broken? A belt loader is definitely not half the length of a fuel truck and the same width…


It was mentioned several times in the blog that graphics and such is a work in progress, it will be iterated over time! :slight_smile:

Edit: And we should be able to reduce the area in front of the boarding desk since the grid systems have improved a lot, there will however still have to be a little area in front of it to guarantee accessibility.


i think this is Olof’s real old testing airport, that still had the “small boarding desk footplate”.
That said, i’ve asked the same question as well to Olof some time ago.

Maybe we can implement it when we get the tier system for boarding desks (i mean, i personally want smaller desks for small gates :wink: )


Trucks are ± 2.55m wide, a belt loader is 2.06m wide and 8m long.

so while the size definitely needs a bit of tweaking, it’s not far off :wink:


Jettuh do you think ladder truck is wider than how it should be? I feel like 3 pax can climb it side by side.


Hmm not sure, i think it’s the right size.
Of course the stairs trucks come in many different variations.
The current one is made for Medium Stands that look similar to:


Great work guys. looking forward to see the stuff working for real and enjoy your summer!


Hmm now i see. The one you posted is a wide version and there are these kinds of narrow versions with roof:


Be nice to see a new aircraft snuck into this :smirk:
Maybe a 767 or Fokker 100 for the cityhoppers :slight_smile:


Am I the only one who thinks the runway improvements should wait? I’d rather remote stands come first, then multifloors, and only runway improvements after that.

It helps to keep the content coming and manages expectations…


I humbly request the ability to build queues for boarding desks, like we have for check in and security.


It was briefly mentioned in the devlog, but the main reason is that a lot of the bug reports we get in is in regards to deadlocked aircraft. In almost all cases it is due to “faulty” construction by the player and this feature is required for us to implement so that it becomes easier to build the runways correctly. So in a way, it is a bug fix but the again it is even more a new feature implementation.


Looks promising! Really like the angled runway ramps.
And looking forward to try these things out :slight_smile:

Previously asked:
So we can expect some new gameplay elements before the end of july?

Yes, definitely. :slight_smile: - maybe not the full implementation of those large features, but increments and new minor content. We’ll already be adding new stuff to the experimental branch this week.

Is this off the table? Because you mention summer mode.