Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX has crashed


Bad news guys. Reports have been made of a crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX-8. There were 149 Passengers and 8 Crew members on board.


Another MAX crash… well the types may really need to be grounded like Comet or DeathCraft-10 was.


UPDATE: A picture has been released from the crash site. The aircraft is totally destroyed.


This is truly shocking. My thoughts are with the loved ones of those who sadly were on the aircraft.

I guess we will find out in due course what happened; whether it is similar to that of the Lion Air MAX a few months back is still to be revealed.

Whatever happened, this is still a truly sad day for the aviation industry.


It is shocking and sad that it happened.
A moment of silence please …
thanks. :cry:


This is some very sad news.

A technical question: under what circumstances can an aircrfat be completely gone like on the photo? I’ve never seen a crash site that only shows the impact crater but not the object that created it.


You don’t see much of the area … you don’t know what’s lying outside the frame. News like to give spectacular stories and pictures.

Looks like Boing made massive bullshit with this aircraft, as far as I’ve read. A automatic flight assistant, with faulty sensors, where a pilot always has to correct the flight? Not even mentioning this system in the manuals, just for easier licencing of pilots for this type of aircraft? At least this is the summary I’ve found about the last crash few month ago. And this time it’s looking like the same behaviour of the aircraft just as last time.

If this is all correct, hopefully this aircraft is beiing grounded sooner than later.


A high-speed dive should do the trick, like the Lion Air.


Several companies have very bad aircraft maintenance requirements. There you have to think and think. I have different versions: 1. Bad Care 2.Terroract 3.Discussion of engines 4.Pilot fault 5.Military conflict

P.S In my replays may be a many mistakes.


UPDATE: Airlines that have grounded the 737 MAX (so far):

  • Cayman Airways
  • Corendon Airlines (Turkey)
  • Comair
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Icelandair
  • Norwegian
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • TUI Netherlands
  • Turkish Airlines

Countries where the Aircraft is banned:


Indeed a very, very tragic story and overall strange case with the 737 MAX 8… I read some discussions over at /r/aviation and /r/flying about those sensor issues too. As a software developer it seems insane to add those kinds of overriding features all dependent on the input values of a few sensors but then again it’s unknown how many situations they might have saved because of that feature.

Thoughts go out to the victims and their families! :frowning:


The last they heard from witnesses and such, the flight crew attempted to do a crash landing, but enough force could possibly not allow that. The last I heard, the plane engulfed in flames, so a lot of what you’re seeing may be burned rubble.


Looks like more and more airlines and countries (whole European Union, Australia, China and more) already grounded 737 Max 8.

Boing still says this aircraft is safe, especially refering to FAA, but still they are forced to do a software update by FAA.


А320NEO is grounded also.


What? A320NEO as well? Why?

EDIT: Where do you read that?


The A320neo grounding is only for 11-12 planes in india , that is no complete grounding like at the 737max
here a overview where 737max are grounded:


UPDATE: 737 MAX now banned in European Airspace.


The last News

Investigators from the United States and elsewhere are at the crash site of Ethiopian Airlines Flight
302. Much of the investigation will focus on the voice and data recorders recovered on Monday. The airline’s chief executive, interviewed by CNN, said the pilots had told air traffic control they were having “flight control problems.”

Iraq bans all 737 Max planes from its airspace (1min ago) 17:52 13.03.2019 Time zone +2
A software fix to the MCAS flight-control feature by the FAA and Boeing had been expected in early January, but discussions between regulators and the plane maker dragged on, partly over differences of opinion about technical and engineering issues, according to people familiar with the details. Officials from various parts of Boeing and the FAA had differing views about how extensive the fix should be. U.S. officials have said the federal government’s recent shutdown also halted work on the fix for five weeks.


Iraq bans all 737 Max planes from its airspace (1min ago) 17:52 13.03.2019 Time zone +2
In UTC 15:51 Iraq banned 737 Max planes


and now also canada bans the 737max