Fokker F100


I made a separate topic for that. But the most beautiful plane I saw is Fokker F100…
This plane is very iconic and really nice medium jet… Hopefully Mr @Rubble Will watch this thread… And implement that beauty, I know that he’s currently working on 787-8 But maybe in future he will make it… Here’s my favourite liveries on it

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I’m watching :slight_smile: In addition to the 787-8 the Piper Cherokee and Vision Jet. The majority of the planes introduced will be through votes I believe, there are some tucked away in various stages of development that have not been announced.


Oh some great info :wink:




I still remember making a trip down to KHYI, and they were scrapping one. Such a sad sight seeing one go.

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Yeah, #Fokker4Life


I support every aircraft and love them. But can someone please tell me why everyone loves the F100? The aircraft is nice, but personally I have never been on one. @JuliusTheCanadianAv

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Rumor has it that Julius is married to a Fokker F100… :wink:


@Sepone Haha!

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:shushing_face: Hahaha! :sweat_smile:

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