FORUM GAME: Aviation Trivia!


No idea lol


Just find Global caviar production. 5% of it.


Well, they purchase 10 tons of it each year! @nace888 can ask the next question.


I’m glad you guys have continued this game. :slight_smile:
Keep it up. Anyone Have a question for me?


Can i ask a question?


Sure, Go ahead


Absolutely! All players are welcome to ask, even if they did not answer a question.:slight_smile:


Which Netherlands Air Force Base, is blurred out on Google Maps, and why?


Soesterberg Air Force Base, and either for secret military testing making sure that their enemies can’t look at what their doing?


Didn’t know about that one, i was referring to Volkel Air Base, because it is currently house 22 US Nukes


Oh… Wow… I really want to seeeee those nuke… i am too fascinated by them… tho i realise they shouldn’t be use anytime in future. .(till the time i am alive😂).


Just 25 kilometers from my home😀


Soesterberg isn’t an airforce base anymore, its a museum And a park


I was curious where it exactly is (because I live like 20 minutes ride from NL border) and the Volkel Air Base (Vliegbasis Volkel?) (which is 150 km street distance away fyi) isn’t blurred in any part for me… :neutral_face:


Interesting, interesting… I saw neither of them blurred :astonished:


My bad It had military aircraft. I thought it was a training base.


IT was i believe, closer 10 years ago or so


None of them is blurred for me… the screenshots👇:
(They may seem blurred here but they aren’t…I zoomed them in and could see all buildings CLEARLY.)

Volkel AFB:

Soesterburg AFB:


Thats Wierd, a year ago IT was alles blurred


Lets get back on track with the questions! Who would like to ask one?