Let's discuss future light aircraft


The light aircraft category only contains two aircraft types at this moment. (not to be confused with the GA category. I’m talking about the commercial light aircraft). So let’s take a look at the possibilities for the next light aircraft that might enter the game. From how I look at it, we should look for both a propeller aircraft and a jet. Feel free to leave suggestions down below!

Anyway, here’s my list:
Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus PC-24

Cessna Citation CJ4

Beechcraft King Air 350er

POLL: Help pick the next light (non-GA) aircraft in Airport CEO!

Please, more suggestions for small aircraft…


The Grumman AA-5 series!

My family owns one, so I am very slightly biased towards it


pilatus PC-24 a Cessna citation cj4 are good. My suggestion maybe a praetor 500 by Embraer or an EMB 110 Brasília


That’s the light aircraft too I guess? :grinning:


Pilatus PC12/Piper P46 + Beech King Air 350. The most popular, effective and beautiful business props. :smiley:


@JuliusTheCanadianAv I’m pretty sure that’s a medium, sorry!

@JPmAn That would fit in the GA category.


This would be a great topic for a poll.

I’d like to sed the Beech 1900D to be included.

The PC-24 would be a good addition for the proposed FBO, as is the CJ4. I would almost saythe PC-12 is also an FBO candidate.


Thanks for the suggestions here, took some input into a poll! :wink:


Where the poll is?



piaggio p-180 avanti


What a weird looking aircraft. It’s been added to @Rubble’s backlog! :smiley:


I mean, nothing beats the Beechcraft Starship in my opinion.





LOL, haha :joy:


Very good one :rofl:


Dassault Falcon 900

Falcon 50



The Honda Jet is more like a GA aircraft considering it’s size. The other two look cool though.


That Honda jet is already on my radar as a future potential GA build. When is a totally different question.