New stand for regional jets

I’ve been wondering for a while why I don’t have a stand for the regional jets and turbo propellers. What would these stands look like? Why would they be different from medium stands? for starters they would not have jetways This is because these jets (crj 200, crj 700, bae 146) and turbochargers atr 42, atr 72 and dash 8 have aircraft access ladders in them same as with the dhc 6, Cessnas aircraft. For operation of the e-jets would have the stairs that have in the medium stands. Another difference would be the pushback or rather the fact that this stand does not require a pushback car working as Small stands The design of this stand would be similar to the design of the London city airport stands. The reason for these stands would be transitional to small stands for medium stands ie those stands would be The use of 737, A320, 757 families of aircraft in these stands is prohibited. These stands would be cheaper to use but no larger aircraft would be possible.


I’ve been wanting this for over a year. This is probably something that would be looked at/considered once we are past the Alpha stage.

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yes or maybe still at Alpha or when the game is released

Agree with the above - I tend to manually schedule those aircraft onto remote stands or non-jetway stands in the game. The way the jetway connects to the ATRs in the game atm is a pet peeve of mine (having the passengers board through a cargo door!)

It would also be useful to know which aircraft in the game need the stair truck and which don’t - the in-game and tutorial documentation isn’t clear about this.

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I made this topic even because of the atr it doesn’t fit well in jetways

would be nice

Love this idea, would be nice having 3 jetways upgrade for large stands and a “regional” stand and pass through stand, (self maneuvering stand).

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Just reviving a very good suggestion! Certainly missing!

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Reviving a ideia! now that we have regional airlines like Strada regional and maple express it would be very good to have this type of stand being among the smaller aviation medium as there are some airports like London city airport


The Saab 340 appeared in the latest Dev Blog so I’m intreged as to which stand the Devs plan for it to use in the current game - it’s about halfway between the 1900 and ATR42 in size terms

I would also like to see an additional stand between the current small and medium ones (maybe 8x8?). By that, space can be used more effectivly as the smaller medium aircrafts do not need to utilize the medium stands.
In addition, having a stand without the need for pushbacks is really great for the smaller birds.

I think this space is good can receive an atr 72

Reviving :slight_smile:

Really not a bad idea, but first the Devs need to implement the BAE146s airstairs. I recently let several whole flights slip through without boarding or deboarding because the game apparently doesn’t know about them.
(Also the ATR boarding thing is bugging me too :grinning: )

Built in airstairs were an option on the BAe146, so not all of them had them fitted (it’s also an option on at lesat the 737 too)

The ATR boarding and interactions with vehicles bugs me too though!

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From my observations the CRJ and ATR aircraft do not need stairs. I usually schedule them for my remote stands. For the BAe146, I will schedule them for the remote stands if there is no room on the attached stands (all have jetways), I have a couple of stair vehicles allocated to the nearest depot to the remote stands for this purpose.

I … partly agree with this idea. I don’t like the idea of having new kinds of stands though, partly because the potential size difference might make it annoying to plan out (speaking of experience upgrading from Medium to Large). Furthermore, the flight planner UI don’t seem like it can handle another additional icon. Instead, what about making medium stands have a toggle-able option? The player can select between accepting all sizes, regional-only jets only, and long narrow-bodies only.

ATR having passengers disembark from cargo door as it is at the moment looks weird…
ATR shouldn’t be able to be used via jetway stand as there’s no front door it’s cargo section.

Maybe this is part of a bigger idea…

Ability to hit a switch between a stand being taxi on push off, or taxi on taxi off (as shown in the London City LCY example photo - I was airfield ops there, great airport!)?

This could be made user friendly by a simple prompt or info box showing red and green list of aircraft within the size category, if they are or are not compatible with the customised options chosen, it could be generalised to just show key groups of aircraft rather than a long list of all variants.

Example - user creates a medium stand…
They select a jetway, therefore ATR42/72 no longer compatible and is red listed. But B737 and 320 and similar are green listed.
They then decide to instead have taxi on taxi off so now the turboprops and regional jets are compatible and green listed, though compromise is A321 and similar are red listed.
Then decide back to basics of pushback and walkway to stand, and all medium aircraft welcome.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

a second though whilst I am on a roll but at risk of rambling… how about being able to attach a ground floor boarding control/door on jetway stands for medium aircraft that are not jetway compatible? So jetway stands would also have a ground level walkway that can be toggled on and off?

I could be over complicating things to be too real worldy and ruin then user friendliness but its an idea