Other Aviation Games


Well its models definitely seem cool. But the important part is gameplay. We will see in future.


I think their graphics need polishing.


I love it!!! I am looking forward to playing it, as well as Airport CEO.


Moved the discussion about SH here since this forum is mainly about ACEO. You’re more than welcome to discuss it here though, as well as any other aviation game.

I agree with you, looks very nice and the art style seems very detailed and on point! I guess they will face the same challenges with making a highly detailed game, although their team seems to be a bit bigger than ours. Will be interesting to see what they come up with. :heart_eyes:


Christ, these airport games are like buses. You wait donkeys years for one, then half a dozen come out at once! :grin:


fredrick here you go a flight I did that ended in an emergency landing in Oklahoma


Damn, I need to get a better computer so that I can play some X-plane 11


Lol I’m about to do one to hawaii


Yeah, really strange to be honest. It was the same with the Rollercoaster-games. None for years and then three at ones. And now it’s the exact same thing but with airports… well I guess we at least can say that we were first announcing it… :stuck_out_tongue:


look at this sexy plane


Imagine this on ACEO…

ahhhhhh yeahhhhhh



The developer of AirlineSim.aero (though a slow place and complicated airline management game) is now busy with another project regarding managing and building an airport called AirportSim.aero. Though he lacks lots of times, his project has been delayed and guess wont be online for a very longtime :slight_smile:

Though it might look similar to Airport CEO, I do not think to expect a similar game as AirportSim is suppose to be 100% realistic and real timeframe. 1 day = 1 day :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s the way the entertainment industry is now. Annoying to me, but sometimes it makes other games/movies a further step above.


This is interesting, SimAirport is developed by experienced company with full dev team and isnt nearly as good as ACEO which is developed by two guys not even doing it as a full time job and it is their first game. Fredrik and Olof you are the best and you deserve every cent. We all wish you the best.


I just typed up "airport games’, and ACEO was at the top of the list!

Edit: On 1 browser. Others have ads for crappy games that supposedly simulate running an airport


On Google of you type airport game ACEO is top. In The most used search engine!!!


Google is highly tailored to what it thinks you want to see though. For example I get Kongregate and Silver games first. Somebody not interested in airport games might get something completely different due to Google’s Search algorithms


Since we are all aviation nuts here, I thought I would let you on to this new ambitious game that in theory will release an Alpha in 2018. I really doubt it would be until Dec 2018, because it looks in the very early stages, but I thought I would throw this out there.

Full 3D airport tycoon game.

We will all be playing ACEO though as soon as it comes out, that’s for sure. :smiley: This is just something to keep an eye on. Maybe it will pan out, maybe it won’t. To me it still seems like they are a couple of years away, but what do I know.

Is it just me, or are we suddenly inundated with airport builders? Which is awesome, but is really interesting that we had around 15 years of nothing (good) and then 3 within 2 years. Weird.


I like the game it looks promising! I have been following for a little while now

Edit: Just checked, their forum says I joined a month and a half ago.