Overrun, Engine failure,Airport operations, Emergencies


Overrunning due to not properly sized runway?, diverted plane that needs medical assistance? Engine failure? or just in general (EMERGENCIES) I think that would be really good idea to be implemented… New implemented button? Turn on turn off emergencies… Also medium aircraft min runway length changed to 900 meters, and 1600 meters for large (We probably would need more land expansion)… I hope this will get implemented :smiley:


Like it! Noice!


Nice :grinning:




I like


Thanks but here’s not enough votes to this be implemented maybe in future :frowning:


I’d rather see this as some sort of DLC after launch… the emergency operations update… fire trucks, fire stations, in airport passenger medical emergencies, etc.

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very similar to the way Cities skylines does it. You get the base game and then only add on the bits that you actually want. :+1:


I hadn’t realized that aspect of that game. I haven’t purchased it because of growing fears of computer death. I like the idea of purchaseable and selectable DLC for this game. It seems to be building various group interests. Some people seem to want a robust GA. Some want cargo. Some want robust airport commerce. It seems like DLC in that manner would be a good path. Inevitably, everyone ends up purchasing them all anyway.


I’d rather it wouldn’t be an DLC but there’s option in settings… Enable emergencies, or disable. :grinning:


the developers gotta eat

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Yeah… I don’t like DLCs but you’re right.


Just a suggestion, but @Olof how about those on the forum who have contributed to making the game better are rewarded with free DLC in the future if it were to ever be made! :joy:


I want airport fire trucks, like a whole mess of different ones I can buy, just like fuel trucks.

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We did have overruns a LOOOONG time ago…

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