Real life airports rebuild in ACEO


With Steam Workshop implemented, I will now post most of my remakes so everyone can enjoy them. No more sending by e-mail.


I just downloaded this airport via Steam and checked it out, very nice work! :heart_eyes:


Can u make the Winnipeg James Richardson Armstrong International? It has a diagonal runway though. U can make it a taxiway if you need.


Can anybody make Lviv International Airport? :grinning:


Hey let’s make a deal. You make me Edmonton International Airport complete with staff shop and food franchises etc.
And in return I’ll make Lviv for you with everything. ( Put it on the steam workshop so other people can also use it.)

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Ah okay, maybe tomorrow will be completed


Can somebody make Eindhoven Airport (EIN)


I’ve been trying to build my hometowns airport, bit difficult as need more room than what I start with.


In case none of you know about Hobart Airport in Tasmania, Australia

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I made one some time ago. Unfortunately the length of the runway is looks very odd if you want all 13 medium stands to fit in there. Also getting frequent delay due to the walking distance but hey, we get plenty of those at Eindhoven Airport anyway.

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I would recommend this short tutorial. But, I am not sure if it still works on the current version.

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I think no. That tutorial is very old, and a lot has changed, including the locked area.

I recommend anyone who tries to expand the game world to modify the save files itself, which offers more flexibility. Although at the high cost of performance and bugs.

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Can someone make Rotterdam The Hague Airport? (EHRD)

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