Streaming, Reviewing or YT-series plans?

Hey, you future CEO’s!

Since we all know the release date by now, I was wondering whether some of you were planning on streaming right the second the game hits Steam. Maybe you could let us know when you’re planning it so some of us can join the fun even though they can’t buy the game (yet)? :grinning:

:bulb: Furthermore, maybe we can use this topic in the future to promote streaming channels instead of individual topics to keep the forum nice and clean?! What ya think about that?

Err…why only streaming.
I was planning of making a video review.

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I MIGHT stream, depends what time it comes out and if I can be bothered to setup a stream. How would you feel if I did a community ran build (aka I ask chat for what I should do). If not on the moment it’s out I will do the day after (mind you I’ve never streamed so it may be a bit bad lol

Lol, potato-potato, haha! I’d love to see your review! :smiley:

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I was going to make a video series, no time to stream on the release day :grin:

Because streaming is live and videos take time to create. He probably wants to see the game before he buys it, but wants to buy it ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:

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I plan on streaming the moment it comes out. I made a twitch event so you can get reminded here (i normally wouldn’t advertise on the forum or discord, but it would seem that this threat is literally asking for it.)

Oh, I don’t stream, nor do reviews. My voice is not suitable for recording.

Darth Vader voice changer help? :wink:


I could stream on Twitch at 19:00 CEST i probably gonna start 15 mins before the game is released.
My Twitch Channel:

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Dose that mean that your to Young?

I have a speech impediment, I can’t spell r properly (often sound like l) and I speak too fast.

On age, well, idk if early 20s is too young.

To be honest, I do a lot of video editting, so I plan on cranking out a video trailer by the end of the weekend :wink:

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So far the Discord has 10 streamers that will be announced whenever they go live in #around-the-world.

Invite to the official Discord:

If anyone wants to be added to the list, DM me via Discord.

I wouldn’t let that stop you, go for it man.

Are you doing 2 streams?

Have you not read this (ignore the bit above the picture, total rubbish) :wink::joy:


Isnt that a thing that alot of people in the UK have? Saw a video on it.

Found it:


Hah! Jokes on them if people use Twitch vs YT.

Ha ha no I’m from the UK and I can say My rs