The 3/5 features you want implemented next


In order:

  1. airside completed with pushback tugs, catering, fire services, snow clearing, debris clearing, remote stands, buses
  2. Large 20 x 20 stand for 747, 767, 777, 787, A340, A350, A380 size aircraft, along with optional or upgradable multiple air bridges.
  3. multi-floors implemented, along with lifts, stairs, escalators, road ramp objects
  4. Customs and immigration (I think multifloors is really need to make the routing work for customs and immigration)
  5. passenger amenities such as hotels, chapels, museums, etc.

  1. Parking. Drop off, short term and long term.
  2. Expanded business management. Ability to out source airport services such as janitorial, security, ramp, etc…
  3. Airline catering services and sewage services.
  4. Out buildings. Including small hangers for GA businesses, Airline facilities, Hotels, Mantiance facilities, Large Hangers for airlines.
  5. more business types. Kiosks, Car rentals with rental lots, currency exchanges, etc…

  1. Expandable areas (so that you can buy more land)
  2. More complex terminal layouts
  3. A lot of bug testing

Edit: ooooops already implemented this week

Land Expansion?
Unlimited Space

Lol love when you guys reply to these types of threads with that response.


Well, we do read everything. Sometimes we’ll reply as well. Might not always be what everyone wants but we’re consolidating features that are important for the future as well as what you people voice your concerns about! Happy to serve you! :sunglasses:


Now we’d love to have you guys get some sleep. Its late there. Man i remember late nights in my 20s, but you guys are next level :smile:


Yeah, I have no idea how they do it! Don’t get me wrong I’m working at the moment (2am where I am) and will be here all night but that’s not exactly of my own volition. Their dedication has not gone unnoticed!


Oh no, not that joke again! :stuck_out_tongue: Good job!


Well, prepared for expandable areas. No functionallity to expand land yet, but the land is there in the world. :slight_smile:

Unlimited Space
Land Expansion?

That’s fair! :slight_smile:


If you don’t title the first update “Expansion pack” and add the ability to buy more land then i’m gonna be very disappointed in you


but what about cargo?


What about “what about cargo?”?

  1. More aircraft (A321, B757, B767, A330)

  2. More airlines

  3. Less time until release :wink:


Let me drop my wishlist here

  1. Modular security
  2. Freight/cargo system
  3. Customs/Immigration
  4. Special aircrafts (helos, private jets, SAR planes etc)
  5. Multi-storey buildings


Why? Because cargo :stuck_out_tongue:
No but seriously cargo ads a whole new dimension to the game maybe even more than GA


that’s what I meant


We want cargo!! And @Olof @Fredrik What have u both decided about expansions?? Are these expansions (not updates) going to be charged. Becoz last time someone asked this one of u said, “all expansions will be free… ACEO gives u everything for paying once”

Is it still true??


My list:

  1. Remote stands
  2. Cargo handling
  3. More aircrafts (especially Airbus and Boeing)
  4. Modding support
  5. Release of game :slight_smile:

About what @NastyGamer said, I hope devs will choose “upgrading” instead of publishing bunch of “DLCs” because do you know what; adding DLCs to a game just makes it an easy target for cracks and torrenting. People would just go and download from torrent. But if devs choose to upgrade the game; torrenters won’t waste time to find and/or upload the last version of the game on torrent servers.


Nice thought… I never thought it this way… actually good. Look at what happened at Cities Skylines… I have all DLCs for free… who buys DLCs?? Tho I bought the base game.