The window topic


please tell Alexander to do an overhaul of the windows… they look like a bunker.

Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released

I’d do an overhaul of doors as well,

But it’s hard to do things well when you have only cells of space to work with…


Honestly I’m still confused which way the windows are supposed to face. :man_shrugging:


the way it is in the picture by Olof up there


Try placing stuff in shops/stores.


Alexander is a dev not an artist :wink: , @Jettuh is the artist and has done a nice job in shaping the windows like this. It’s very hard to shape windows in a top down view. But AFAIK he is always open for suggestions, so if you have a good idea of how to shape them less ‘bunkery’ as you say, please share it (please open a new topic if you do, as this is for the Alpha 29 release :slight_smile: ).

They can go both ways, just how you like them the best.


I still think creating real usable windows is tricky.
The walls are 1m thick, making a top down window that looks nice is really hard and impossible to do in a way that would please everyone.

Feel free to come up with suggestions in a separate topic tho.

At this point we have tried multiple things and iterated multiple times.
Spending more time on just windows would be counter productive.

But I’m sure we’ll circle back to them eventually :slight_smile:
sorry for the inconvenience!


Were the windows also built with a 3d model? I believe some of the discussions can be settled by seeing what they look like in 3d


Honestly I would make windows (the actual glass) slightly thinner by about 10%.


@Jettuh mentioned this already, as did many others: please create a seporate topic as this one is about the Alpha 29 release.



something like this would be amazing!


Maybe make a “fishbowl” effect int hem, so they have an “outward” curve.


we can definitely loop back to the windows one day and make better ones.
but let’s keep that in a different topic, makes stuff a bit easier


Created a new topic around the window discussion and moved the posts from the Alpha 29 discussion topic.


Windows will be fixed soon!


We are sure that windows will be fixed.


Walls also need to be fixed. The cause of all visual issues relate with 1 meter thick wall.


the grid system uses 1m, it’s unlikely this will change! sorry


I thought the grid was more like 70xm x 70cm


meh plus minus :slight_smile: more referring to the fact that the walls are a fixed thickness :smiley:


Ok, so I don’t want to post something too radical, but has anyone considered maybe changing the walls? Maybe the wall could push up against the outer edge of the grid, creating more of a border, while leaving a gap on the inside of the square that it occupies?

Inside objects wouldn’t sit flush agains the walls, but I’ve not seen an airport with much placed directly against a wall.

Just some food for thought. If anyone would like to flesh this idea out further feel free to do so, as I think adjusting the walls may assist in making windows and doors more realistic.

P.S. I have nothing against the current artwork in game. I just wanted to contribute to the conversation in hope that my ideas may help others suggest better ones :wink: