What was the first plane you have ever flown?


mine was a 747 from KLAX to YSSY when i was 5 ive been loving aviation all my life


Mine was an EasyJet 737-400 going to France p, this was long ago


My first was on a boeing (i was too young to remember how it looked) from Boston to i believe Orlando


My first flight was from Amsterdam (Schiphol) -> Dubai with the Emirates a380.emirates
Still the best airline I have flown with today!


G-JEAS BAE 146 Air France operated by British European


I think the first airplane I ever flew on was a US Airways Express operated by Piedmont Airlines Dash 8-Q300.


First flight on an A380?? Gr8.


A319 Yekaterinburg - Anapa


A RyanAir Boeing 737-800. Like the oly plane they fly


Fun fact - they do have a single 737-700. It’s used for training, charter and very occasionally does step in as a replacement to cover for delays and such. Not many people will have travelled on it.


Ty :p. 7 days later back from Dubai to Amsterdam with the A380!


Did IT three Times a380, And two Times 777


Biggest was a B747-400 to London. Coming back it was a 777-200. In my life I’ve flown a lot of times though!


Maybe not my first but often on a Eastern Airlines L-1011 looooong time ago :wink:


My first flight was on a Tam A320, but I mostly fly on Gol B738.

Tam A320

Gol B738


My father took my on this beauty when I was around 3 years old. It was a sightseeing flight over the Swiss Alps.


British Airways 737 (either a -200 or a -300) was too young to remember either way, to London Heathrow


My first plane was this B738 to Heraklion19026_1111051913


Transavia to London, no clue which type, looked a lot like the B738 from @B738Flyer
After that flown a lot of Boeing, Airbus and Embraer still on my ‘to be flown’ list: B747 (any type, or all :relaxed:) and A380


Had my first flight when I was in Kindergarten. LTU L1011 (Tristar) from DUS to Rhodos. Still have a picture with me in front of this aircraft… Have not managed to fly the L1011 ever since.