What was the first plane you have ever flown?


My first flight ever was with a Tupolev 154M from Berlin to Varna from Bulgarian Air Charter. That was an adventure! :joy:


My first plane I flown was A320 Wizzair, from Gdańsk to Lübeck. I was 3 when I flown!


Olympic Air Dash 8 Q400 from Athnes to Rhodes


The very first aircraft i flew is maybe a Garuda DC-10, maybe -30 variant, from SUB-CGK-LHR. The first one i more remembered fondly is a 747, from SUB-CGK-JED.


The very first aircraft I flew was SIA’s brand new B777-300ER back in 2006 during it’s launch with the airline. I still have the photo of me on my seat on that very flight :smile:


Lufthansa BAE 146 - Heathrow to Bremen in 1995.
I was on an exchange trip to Germany and politely asked the cabin crew, in German, if I could speak with the pilot. I was allowed up to the cockpit. Quite exciting and almost impossible to do now.


The first one I was on was an Air India 77W and the first that I can remover was a Emirates A380



That made me laugh so much. Thank you Jasper. :smile:


I don’t actually remember. I think it might have been a 737 but I’m not sure at all. Since I got more into flight I know what I’ve flown on. 747-400, 737 various, A320, A380, 777-200. Some props I don’t know.

I always take pictures of the planes I fly on now too.


How did you people discover this thread? It has not been used for almost a year :sweat_smile:. Anyways, enjoy!


People search I guess, old become new. Kinda a circle of life thing.


I always read “latest” category, its my base bookmark for forums.


I always take pictures of the planes I fly on now too.

Same here, started when my youngest son asked for a photo of the plane, made pictures of every plane since. Should count them once, but I don’t know if I want to know the amount :blush:


My first flight was on Antonov AN-26 (freighter) to Warsaw


Air France 747-400 , Paris, Charles de Gaulle to Santa Dominguo Las Americas