Where will your first airport(s) be?


We know that the game will have regions of sorts that will influence various aspects of the game (although I don’t think we know exactly what compromises a “region” yet). Nevertheless, I’m curious to find out where people will build their first airport or airports once the game is released?

Are you going to try to replicate an existing airport? And if so are you looking to passionately recreate the layout, or just go your own way?

Or are you going to try to build an airport in a new area? Will it be a real area, or a fictional city?

I think I’d be looking at the latter options; I quite fancy building airports to serve the places I lived in that don’t have airports (mostly because they’d never work in real life!); namely Lanarkshire and Moray in Scotland, and Clwyd in Wales.

What are your plans?

What airport is your favourite airport?

Hopefully I would start mine in NZ (My home country) I would see where the airport takes me. I might replicate some aspects so I get familiar with all of the features


I intend to start somewhere in Germany (since I have no clue how this selection system will work). Preferably I would go into the very West of Germany where I live. Hometown glory. :innocent:

I will build my airport how it will fit its purpose which I will figure out when I get the hands on the my copy of A.CEO. :joy: Right now I would go for the basic international airport concept (such as Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS/EDDL) to name sth from my region) which has a wide variation of PAX types and also a lot of cargo. So, something like that.

I am really excited for A.CEO… Airport Tycoon 3 let my down very much yet I loved to play it, so I am sure A.CEO will be a great life experience. :smile: Since Airport Inc. from around 2000?? I am loving this kind of games. Played that back then on our very first PC.


Definitely Asia for me. Hopefully Philippines is one of the options


I will try to replicate ZRH (Zurich) as near as possible.


My first airport will be my home airport of Boston logan. I hope it’ll work


same with me, i might do an area in cebu or manila


I would do mine right in my town, even though i’m right in between LAX and Sand Diego International.
I’ll show the who’s boss! :rage:


Asturias (OVD/LEAS) in Spain.


Singapore or dubai is a good option??


I just try them all. Every region should be interesting or it shouldn’t be in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Singapore, Dubai or London…my main routes!


Bogotá, Colombia!


My first one will be in ZRH (Zurich)


I’m definitely looking to build an airport in the central parts of northern america, start out small and then create a full blown aviation hub! :open_mouth:


Mine will be in London/on the outskirts of it. Looking to make a similar setup to Heathrow :relaxed:


Shouldn’t you be building many airports everywhere for testing? :wink:


I’m looking forward to building my own MCO (Orlando International Airport) :smiley:


I would like to build an airport in the north of Sweden or Norway, especially if/when weather system is good enough. Just makes it so much more of a challenge with the crazy weather, having to add de-icing, heated runways like in Stockholm, snow cleaning, etc.


Probably Japan for me. I’d wanna try to replicate Haneda or Kansai Intl., both very interesting hubs (at least to me :stuck_out_tongue: )